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Below you will find incredible savings on your advantage flea medications. Feel free to place your bid. There is no cost to you if you don't win the auction.

Advantage flea medication, made by the Bayer Company, claims to be the most effective flea medication on the market today. According to Bayer, this salve begins working to stop fleas from biting in a mere three to five minutes. Fleas will begin to die within one hour of application and they claim that within 12 hours, your pet will be rid of all pests. The "advantage" to this medication is that one dose will continue to prevent fleas for up to 4 weeks.

This medication should be applied according to a regimen, started early in your pet's life. This also gets you, as the pet owner, on a schedule for remembering to administer the medicine. By using it regularly, you not only keep your pet healthy but Advantage inhibits larvae growth in your pet's surroundings by 99%.

Advantage Dog Flea Medication - Starting a $0.99 per pack

Advantage Cat Flea Medication - Starting a $0.99 per pack

Advantage flea control can be used on both cats and dogs, but Bayer also makes K9 Advantix, which is solely for dogs. Not only does it control fleas, but also inhibits bites from mosquitoes and ticks. This will repel diseases like West Nile and many tick-borne illnesses like Lime Disease.

To use Advantage flea control on your pet, apply the tube, which is one dose according to your pet's weight, on the neck down between the shoulder blades. It should be spread far enough down to make contact with the hair follicles. For larger dogs, it is suggested that the medication be applied in three or four spots along the spine for ample coverage.

Advantage comes in four and six months supplies. Looking at it from a yearly perspective, it will cost roughly a hundred dollars for a small dog (1-10 pounds) if you went with three boxes of the four month supply. It is slightly cheaper to buy in 6 month packages; you will save about 15 dollars. But again, this is for the smallest dog. The price range goes up one dollar for every 10 pounds. There are many websites that sell this product and each varies in price. The lowest I have found would be Drs. Foster and Smith, which is where I got the aforementioned prices.

Advantage flea medication is very effective in caring for your pet's flea removal and prevention. Because it will not wash off after a bath or jump in the pool, it continues to keep your pet out of harm's way. Flea control is such a vital part of being a conscientious pet owner and Advantage is a smart way to do it.

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