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Dog Fleas

The only real difference between the cat flea, which is most common, is their specified location. Dog fleas are predominant in Europe, Asia, and Africa. When your dog in the United States contracts fleas, it is more likely than not that he has cat fleas. There is no apparent difference between these two types of fleas except by close observance under the microscope.

The leading producers of topical flea control have websites with UK addresses. These pertain directly to pet owners whose pets have dog fleas. However, the solution is the same. Like I said, the insect is very nearly the same pest.

There are over 2,000 species of fleas, but they are all so similar that we divide them into only three main types: sedentary, mobile and stick tight.

Obviously, the sedentary flea spends most of its life in the nest. It will stay on its host wherever it goes. The mobile flea switches hosts often. The stick tight variety, found in Asia, South America and Africa, is the most deadly because it buries itself deep within the host's skin, mates, lays eggs there, and becomes increasingly larger within the host's body. The cat flea is your typical mobile variety.

We also classify fleas by cat and dog types. In actuality, the cat flea is the most common type we run into in our homes and even on our dogs. The canine flea species is mostly found in Europe. The differences between the two are very slight but let it be known that most every dog flea is, technically, a cat flea.

If you need to buy Frontline flea control or Advantage flea control medication, you can by clicking on the blue links above or the PetMeds link on the right side of the page. We have compiled a listing of places where you can get great discounts of your flea medications.

Getting rid of fleas can be an expensive and time consuming process, so it is always better to take preventitive measures to protect your pets and your home before your home becomes infested.

Sometimes you can simply treat your pet for fleas, and in more extreme cases, you will need to treat your entire home and possibly your yard surrounding your home.


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