Flea Bites

Flea Bites

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Flea bites are not much fun!

If you've ever had a dog then it's likely you may have experienced the flea bite. It is characterized by a red "halo" and a small raised puncture in the center, which is the actual bite. They typically come in clusters and will occur near elastic bands such as are on socks and underwear.

The flea feeds on blood so the puncture from its bite is where it tried to suck your blood. This is also the source of the irritating itch that accompanies the flea bite. The flea will inject a sticky material into that piece of skin, causing the allergic reaction. Although fleas prefer cat and dog flesh, in their absence, they will turn to humans.

People with extreme allergies will sometimes break out into hives and have excessive swelling if they encounter flea bites. Typically, however, the bites will form a red rash and remain very itchy for hours. To alleviate the symptoms, calamine lotion may be applied. There are also a number of other ointments, all with similar ingredients, to soothe the irritation.

If you have received flea bites in a place where there isn't even a pet, then most likely these creatures abandoned a pet and moved into bedding or furniture temporarily. This was the case one summer when I stayed in a cottage, rented out by several people before. Each member of my family awoke one morning to find clusters of tiny flea bites around our ankles and wrists.

Learn how to get rid of fleas. What we did was we vacuumed very thoroughly and threw away the bag, since it probably contained eggs. By washing all the bedding in hot water, we killed any eggs that may have been hiding there. A few days later, we had cleansed the house from the flea infestation but still found ourselves itching. Flea bites are an irritating part of life, especially if you are a pet owner.

If you are getting flea bites, you should look into a good flea repellant or buy some flea traps.

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