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Flea Control

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Various Types of flea control...

Today, veterinarians provide a number of ways to manage flea control. For both cats and dogs, the solution to the infestation ranges from your basic flea collar to orally given pills, flea traps, flea repellant and topically applied liquids.

Flea collars, as an effective solution, are indeed dated. They do not do a lot for ridding your pet of the pests but they can serve well to prevent the situation in the first place. Once the only kind of home remedy outside of a Vet's injection, the collar has been replaced by newer technology in the flea control field.

Another type of flea control is the pill. Program and Capstar are the two brands of pills most popular and effective. Program is a once a month tablet given with food whose ingredients include an inhibitor that prevents flea eggs from becoming fertile. Capstar is a pill that begins killing adult fleas within a half hour and one pill works for up to 24 hours. This sort of flea control is good for when the pet will be exposed to activities, such as dog shows or parks, where the risk for picking up fleas is increased.

As far as topical flea control is concerned, there are three major brands that all do, essentially, the same thing. Advantage, Frontline, and K9 Advnatix are each applied on the neck of the pet, behind the ears and continue to prevent further infestation for an entire month. The solutions are waterproof and begin killing the fleas within 48 hours.

The collars are the cheapest in the flea control heirarchy, with the topical medications being most expensive, but still only as little as twenty seven dollars for a 3 month supply of the large dog dose. These prices stand for cats as well. Topical ointments are probably the most effective way to cure your pet of fleas along with preventing the disaster from happening again.

Fleas are an unfortunate reality of owning a pet but the advances in venterinary medicine afford us many options of dealing with this problem. With these types of flea control treatments, your little pets can be back in good health in no time.

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