Flea Repellant

Flea Repellant

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Flea Repellants

There are a variety of ways to get rid of and keep your home and lawn free of fleas. Flea Repellants come in a number of forms, from sprays to granular spreads. You can also use natural methods to repel these pests.

One way to prevent fleas in the first place is to keep your carpets and pet bedding clean. By sprinkling table salt on the carpets and leaving overnight before vacuuming, you can assure good riddance to fleas.

One way to prevent fleas from invading your household is to purchase a flea repellant for your lawn. There are many different brands but they typically come in gallon size containers, to be spread over turf, mulch, and/or flowers. You can also get this in a liquid form to be sprayed on the lawn. Zep and Ortho are two of the most popular brands and can easily be purchased at stores such as the Home Depot and Lowe's.

In terms of all natural flea repellents, a number of simple household items can serve the purpose. For example, by boiling a lemon cut into quarters and allowing it to steep overnight, you have a spray for your pet that helps keeps the pests away. For your own homemade flea collar, take a bandana or rope collar and rub eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree Oil, citronella, lavender or geranium onto it, but do this weekly. If you're feeling crafty, here's a recipe for an herbal pillow that will naturally repel fleas: 2 parts pennyroyal, 1 part thyme, and 1 part wormwood.

Of course bathing with a flea dip will cure your pet but if you were to bathe him with a mixture of two cups of rosemary mixed in two cups of boiling water and let him air dry, this will repel fleas as well. If you do not wish to concoct your own flea repellent, perhaps battling pests from the inside is your ticket. Garlic will seep through your pet's skin and make them unappetizing to fleas. Apple cider vinegar mixed in with their water bowl will have similar effects.

In terms of keeping the fleas off of you, sprays are most effective. Brands like OFF do the trick with their Insect Repellent II. Also, the Bug-off brand does roughly the same for humans. There are also many pet sprays which contain much the same herbal ingredients as the aforementioned home remedies. Citronella is the big ingredient, which you will find in a lot of pest repellents. So, there are a lot of flea repellents out there; it's up to you which route to take in prevention.




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