Flea Traps

Flea Traps

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Flea Traps

If you are having a flea problem but want to avoid pesticides, pet collars and/or medicines, then there is another option: the flea trap.

There are a number of brands that make this device such as Victor and Spring Star. These are easily attainable online, but it appears that these traps are not sold in your average pet store like PetSmart.

The flea trap works to attract and kill the pests in a number of ways. First, the design is such: a 6x5 capture pad resides under a grid with tiny holes. The pad heats up from the light above, which lures the fleas in. They are attracted to the heat, as if it was a sleeping animal, and once upon the matt, they fall onto the sticky capture pad below. Each pad can hold up to 10,000 fleas and lasts up to three months.

The flea traps are inexpensive, ranging from $9.99 to $14.99. However, there are some out there that retail for as much as $50.00 and a 3 pack refill of pads is $20.00. The traps all appear to work in the same way. The Spring Star trap boasts durability and long life and only costs you about $15.00

This is a simple way to feel good about flea problems. The flea trap can sit in an inconspicuous spot in your home and work its magic day and night. It doesn't cost hardly anything to run so this alternate method of flea control is very useful.



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