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Below you will find incredible savings on your frontline flea medications. Feel free to place your bid. There is no cost to you if you don't win the auction.

The opposition to Advantage, Frontline, claims to be the #1 Veterinarian recommended flea control. It is formulated for both cats and dogs. Compared to Advantage, it kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larva and ticks, whereas the other does not kill ticks or flea eggs. K9 Advantix does but in terms of price and time of release to the market, Frontline carries out twice as many tasks as Advantage. Plus, Frontline will kill all four major species of flea, including any that may transmit diseases such as Lyme disease.

Frontline Dog Flea Medication - Starting a $0.99 per pack

Frontline Cat Flea Medication - Starting a $0.99 per pack

Frontline flea control is applied in the same way as other topical flea medication: on the neck of the animal - cat or dog - down through the shoulder blades. This spot is most effective because the pets cannot reach this area with their mouths. Like Advantage, the formula in this medication sticks to the hair follicles and the glands that produce oil even after the pet is bathed. Then it continues to dispense itself throughout the fur or hair to prevent and kill fleas.

The main difference between Advantage and Frontline is the time in which it takes the medication to start killing fleas. Frontline may take up to 18 hours to begin the cycle. For ticks, it might even take 48 hours. Frontline works by stabilizing neurons in the fleas and henceforth, causing hyperstimulation. You may still spot some fleas once you've applied Frontline, especially because they will be very active right before they die. Advantage's formula begins killing fleas within the first hour of application. However, both medications kill fleas before the average time - 24 to 36 hours - it takes for a flea to lay eggs on its host.

Frontline flea medication, like Advantage, can be purchased through your vet or online. Drs. Foster and Smith's website is, as I have found, the cheapest place. Frontline only comes in 3 packs, in other words, 3 month doses. For a 12 month supply, then, it will cost roughly a hundred dollars, which is comparable to the Advantage price. The prices go up one dollar for every 10 pound increment of pet but both medications will cost you about the same to supply your pet for a year.

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