puppy no fleas

Do you want to get rid of fleas? It helps to first understand the life cycle of the fleas.

The adult female can lay up to five hundred eggs in her lifetime; sometimes as many as one egg per hour for a three month time span. Flea pupae can live for eight months without feeding so even if you think all the fleas are gone from your pet’s body, they could actually be lying in wait to explode and create a disastrous infestation.

Getting rid of fleas is a three-fold process. Firstly, get rid of fleas on your pet. Secondly, attack the interior of your home, specifically carpeting and bedding. Finally, get out in the yard and make it flea free. It is easier today now than ever to eliminate the annoying nuisance that is the flea.

Flea dips, natural medications, and, what you most likely have heard of, topical solutions such as Frontline and Advantage will all get rid of fleas. The topical medications work the best because they are given once a month and when treated on such a regimen, prove to be most effective. They also contain natural inhibitors that keep your pet flea free until the next treatment. Flea combs, the common image conjured when thinking of fleas, is only effective if you can catch the flea once it’s on the comb, which s a difficult task.

To get rid of fleas in your home, attack the carpet. By vacuuming often and then throwing out the bag, you eliminate eggs and the chance for any missed ones to hatch. Also, wash the pet’s bedding in hot, soapy water. This will also kill fleas and eggs. If you have gotten the fleas off your pet and out of its surroundings, then the only place left to attack is the yard.

Of course, you cannot prevent your pet from picking up fleas while on a routine walk. But you can free your grass of fleas and eggs. There are a lot of formulas, safe for kids and pet in the grass, that will get rid of fleas. The products Interrupt, Bio Flea Halt, and ANTidote, are most common. ANTidote is the most widely recommended because it also attacks fire ants.

Getting rid of fleas is a relatively simple process and can cost you relatively little. It is an important thing to do if you care about the health of your pet.