Human Fleas

Human Fleas

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Is it possible to have human fleas?

The human flea, also known as Pulex irritans, is not only found in the United States, but all over the world. The human flea does not just affect humans however. This type of flea is generally picked up by humans who work on farms.

The human flea should be called the pig flea, since most of these fleas breed in pigsties. People who work with pigs on a farm are much more likely to pick up human fleas.

The human flea is becoming less of a problem in today's lifestyles than in previous decades. The main reason for this is the change in careers. Fewer people are working on farms today than in previous years, thus the human flea problem is greatly slowing.

Human fleas can be identified by the places they bite your skin. A typical cat or dog flea will generally bite a human leg when it feeds, however human fleas tend to feed anywhere on the body.

Human fleas can generally be controlled with a household flea control treatment. You can find pet flea control products by clicking the banner at the top right hand side of this pages. This website offers incredible discounts on flea medications for your pets.


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