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Spiny Water Flea

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Ever seen a spiny water flea?

The spiny water flea, or by it's scientific name Bythotrephes cederstroemi, is not like a regular flea at all. Instead it is more like a small piece of plant floating in the water. The spiny water flea has a sharp and long tail.

The spiny water flea is found mostly in the Great Lake Region in the US, but was originally found in Great Britain. Little is known about the benefit or damage the spiny water flea is causing. It seems as if they keep to themselves.

Few predators will consume this creature due to it's sharp body, so the spiny water flea tends to reproduce quickly with few predators to slow the growth. This can potentially cause problems down the road. The spiny water fleas eat plankton, and the plankton population is greatly decreasing.

The spiny water flea is iteself, like a plankton in that it requires a current of water to drift and move long distances. Here is a picture of a spiny water flea:



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