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Types Of Fleas

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What are the various types of fleas out there?

There are 5 types of fleas that exist in the world. The fleas can exist on cats, dogs, people, hens and rats. All five types of fleas feed on blood and can be a menace to deal with.

The Xenopsylla cheopis is the first type of flea. This is also known as the "rat flea". The second type of flea is the Echidnophaga gallinacea, which is the "hen flea".

The third type of flea is the most common to people and is called the Ctenocephalides canis (dog fleas). Just as well known as the dog flea is the fourth type of flea. It is called the Ctenocephalides felis, or cat flea.

The Pulex irritans is the fifth an final type of flea, and is known as the human flea.

The fleas survive by jumping onto their host (people, dogs, cats, hens and rats) and feeding on their blood. You can feel flea bites on your skin and they feel like a small mosquito bite pinch.

If not taken care of early enough, fleas can cause all sorts of problems such as spreading diseases within pets or worse. Besides the annoyance factor, health problems can arise from fleas. You can get flea treatments online using the link on the right hand side of this page, or by visiting other links found on this page.

You can also learn more about water fleas and the spiny water flea here.



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